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Thelonious Monk on Prestige (as leader): Thelonious Monk Trio (7027); Monk (7053); Thelonious Monk And Sonny Rollins (7075)

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Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Brothers Karamazov
Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Brothers Karamazov

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Colin Clive in The Bride of Frankenstein (1935).

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The French Mistake. And of course there’s Changing Channels, with Gabriel forcing them to act out tv shows.

YES “Changing Channels” might be my favorite ever SPN episode (of the ones I’ve seen). Fabulous. 

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Hammer of the Gods in season 5 is pretty much nothing like you’re looking for, but it brought a bunch of non-Christian gods (like Kali) into the fold for a bit and it was a nice shakeup of the SPN routine. Kali is amazing. plus Gabriel!

I REMEMBER THAT EPISODE! I remember being like “whoa Kali, yes please sir can I have some more?” 

Also I really am open to serious ghost stories, not just like… hipster wank-fests. I mean I am a hipster and I like to wank, but. I feel like I’m limiting myself, here.

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You might like the Ghostfacers episode from the third season of SPN, it’s meta and stand-alone and HILARIOUS (done in the style of a paranormal investigation show)

YES I LOVE THAT EP! Any episodes involving the Ghostfacers guys are pretty priceless, tbh. All that hilarious meta shit, I love it. Oh! The one where Sam & Dean went through the portal into the universe where SPN was a TV show and Jensen Ackles and Jared Padawhatever hated each other, that was pretty great, too. 

bootsnblossoms replied to your post: “Rec me visual-media ghost stories?”:
Buffy’s “Fear Itself”. The Ghost and Mrs. Muir is one of my fav TV shows, believe or not. Oh, and Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown (1 & 2) if you’re in a lighthearted mood. Adulting, me? ;)

Awesome!! Thank you! I remember Buffy’s “Fear Itself,” and loved the movie version of The Ghost and Mrs Muir, but I’ve never investigated the TV version! And I do remember Hocus Pocus but not very well! Merci, amie!

YES it’s brilliant, I mean—rewatching it would be on a par with that Lily Tomlin X-Files episode but I agree it’s fantastic.

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I generally feel that spn really hits its stride at the end of season 1/during season 2 (very similar to Buffy), but that’s in terms of character and big arcs; season 1 & early season 2 definitely have the scariest most horror inspired episodes.

Interesting, like—the only SPN episodes I’ve totally LOVED have been the kind of goofy conceptual ones, like the one where they go into the TV-channel-changing universe, and the one where it’s always Tuesday, and the one where they discover, um, you know, Chuck! the metatextual author dude who’s writing them as they happen. Also the one where Sam and Dean are white-collar office workers, that one was pretty priceless. I guess I pretty much applaud the addition of a trickster god to the character list. 

Those were always my favorite X-Files episodes, too. The one-off semi-alternate-universe ones that played with POV. I’m not sure where this reply is going, APOLOGIES. LOL.

shrrrr1mp answered your post: “Rec me visual-media ghost stories?”:
The Orphanage (it’s a spanish language film) is one of my all time fav scary movies ever, it’s heart breaking

Oh interesting, I’ve been thinking I should get back into more Spanish-language stuff, so this is excellent!

angstyteenagesam answered your post: “Rec me visual-media ghost stories?”:
Buffy: Helpless 3.12 or Hush 4.10 Spn: Everybody Loves a Clown 2.2, Bloody Mary 1.5, Roadkill 2.16

You know what, I skipped Seasons 1 (second half) & 2 (and maybe 3? I don’t totally remember) of SPN and watched a bunch of later stuff, and I’d now be kind of curious to revisit a few early episodes. So thanks for the specific recs, those’ll come in handy! 

frightsactivist replied to your post: “Rec me visual-media ghost stories?”:
Mushishi is a really beautifully unsettling anime about the spirit world. it’s super delicate but also pretty creepy in parts, and the episodes are stand-alone so you can binge or just watch one

Wow that sounds gorgeous and delightful! Thanks for the rec!!

likecastle replied to your post: “Rec me visual-media ghost stories?”:
Have you seen The Awakening with Rebecca Hall? Also The Haunting and The Innocents for classic horror.
Oh no, I rescind these if you’re looking for something funny!
Oh I’m not necessarily! I’m open to it but non-funny would be cool as well. And Rebecca Hall is HAWT so. That is of interest to me. Ahahahaha. Thanks for the recs!
tyrannosaurus-trainwreck answered your post: “Rec me visual-media ghost stories?”:
Actual ghosts or fake ghosts? If fake ghosts are okay, S1.06 of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.

Oh yes, I loved that episode! I’d kind of prefer a higher level of scary/supernatural tonight, but that’s a great suggestion, ugh, I miss Miss Fisher.