...having been breathed out

Anglophile; lit- and writing-dork; dacshund owner; fanfic writer, Sherlock and otherwise; costume/clothing/design aficionada; former punk rocker; queer clotheshorse and anti-gastronome.

Images of French novelist Françoise Sagan, from the mid-50s. Sagan is one of my style and attitude inspirations for Johnnie Watson in the 50s Femlock AU I’m planning, although she is much younger here than Johnnie will be in my story. (But look! she typed like Martin Freeman.)

When her novel Bonjour Tristesse came out in 1954, Sagan was called a “charming little monster” on the front page of Le Figaro.

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    Oh, gosh, Alix, look!
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    Hahahaha, yeah, either way really pretty much works for me as well. Definitely. Definitely works for me.
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    Best timing ever. I’m deep into Bonjour Tristesse research these days. :) And I will forever be jealous of people who...
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    This is pretty much what my hair was doing yesterday. I am really okay with having Johnnie Watson hair.
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    For all that I really (REALLY) don’t identify as butch, I sure am desperate to look just like your Johnnie Watson. Or...
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