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That moment of intense relief when you realize, after a day and a half of freaking out over your inexplicable sadness and irritability in the face of the most minor setbacks, that your last period was, indeed, about 27 days ago.

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    OH MY GOD is that why sometimes I just feel emo and sad or I seem to find everyone attractive? It never occurred to me...
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    The flip side of this: when I spend all day at the public service desk thinking “I want to fuck you and you and you...
  4. peninsulamamoenam said: I reflexively check the period tracking app on my phone every time I have a nonsensical fight with my husband or a ridiculous sobbing-over-nothing event. About 75% of the time it’s just before my period is due. Fucking bodies, man.
  5. fridafrag said: I totally wish I was PMSing instead of dealing with S.A.D. What a relief that must be! I’ve had those moments, definitely. “Why did I eat that whole box of chocolate digestives?”
  6. goddessdster said: I haven’t been on the pill for years and I still freak out when PMS sets in and I’m all, “OH GOD OH GOD WHY AM I CRYING OVER THIS COMMERCIAL?”
  7. whiskeydaisy said: I have to use an app on my phone to track things, because I can never remember, even though I’m pretty damn regular.
  8. eccecorinna said: I have started tracking my cycle with what celebrities I am attracted to at any given moment. That sounds weird but it works way too well?
  9. cranberryloops said: *hugs* pms sadness is valid sadness too! Though I get the relief. <3
  10. billiethepoet said: Dude, I can’t keep track of my cycle to save my life. “Surprise! You’re crying in the shower about a Hallmark commercial you saw five years ago!” is normally sign number one.
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